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Sentinels Of The Night: 20+ Spine-tingling Images Of Lighthouses


photo credit: stian rekdal. Breathtaking image of the Aurora Borealis Over Norway lighthouse.

There are thousands of lighthouses in the world.

Many are very old, a caretaker in the night bringing sailors home. The lighthouse is a universal symbol of safety and guidance dating back through the ages that has helped mariners find their way home and are epic monuments to human ingenuity.

Mariners of old were often guided home by bonfires built on hilltops, these bonfire beacons evolved into lighthouses that we know today.  Many lighthouses still standing are marvels of architecture and engineering, standing proud and defiant against the worst that the seas and nature have to offer. While technology is quickly superseding the requirement of a lighthouse, their guiding beacons can still be seen sweeping across the coastal night sky.

We can still appreciate how beautiful and epic these wonderful buildings look as they all have a story to tell.

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