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20 Island Paradises That Even You Can Rent


Dreaming Of Your Own Personal Holiday Paradise?

Dream no more, there are holiday rentals, and then there are holiday rentals that are so unique, they’ll have you unwinding from your worldly stresses the moment you step inside, others will have you squealing in delight and in many cases some will leave you breathless or smiling from ear-to-ear from pure joy and excitement of the experience. While Airbnb has come to be known as the low-key, economical way to travel, it also boasts some seriously incredible, one-of-a-kind accommodations.

Here are just a few places we have bookmarked of spectacular Airbnb Island rentals we are “biting at the bit” to stay at. So, yeah, you could stay in some boring hotel – OR – you could stay on a small island paradise inside a coral reef, or an imposing colonial lighthouse, or even an enchanted clifftop cave in Australia (the world’s largest Island). We’ve scoured the world to find 30 of the coolest, quirkiest, and most all-around awesome listings. You’ll want to spend a night in each and every one of these properties just for heck-of-it.

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