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40 Of The Creepiest Places On The Planet


Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park,

credit: Nora Carol

40 Of The Creepiest Places Around The Globe

Find yourself dreaming of a vacation that takes you off the beaten path? If tour guides and all-inclusive resorts are not your ideal holiday activities. You’ll be delighted to know that the world is full of rare wonders and oddities that are waiting to be discovered. From the Neskowin Ghost Forest of Oregon; to the spine-tingling silence of the Tawali Skull Caves in Papua New Guinea to the unusual beauty of the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia, there’s a sightseeing location on this list for every kind of weird, wacky and eccentric tourist. Personally, I’m the weirdo adventutourist who visited #1, #8, #22, #40 and LOVED every heart-stopping spine-tingling creepy minute of it!!

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